What is there to tell about me? I am past my prime so to say and still single. My mother has not given up hope that I will meet someone who will take care of me. But why is that so important to her? This and other issues and the troublesome life a 40+ single female can have in this world are the reason for this blog. I tried talking about it on my other blog, but my family and friends are following it due to the amount of traveling I do.
Therefore I decided on a blog just about my dating life. Hope you will bear with me and maybe have some good input.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. You may be interested in reading achristianminger.wordpress.com, who’s also on an online dating adventure. I tried it, but kept getting FREAKY OLD men bugging me on there. Have a great time on your dating adventures and hope ya make a lotta new male friends along the way!


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