I love myself

I read this amazing e-book called “Men and their secrets” from this guy Christian Sander. The book is only available in German, but I am sure there are similar books in English available.
I am not really into self-help books, but have read “Men are from Mars, women from Venus” and also “He is just not that into you”. While I enjoyed them and I clearly got the message the books sent, this new one is amazing. The interesting part is that it doesn’t say anything new. Everything it says is something I know or already read/heard somewhere else. But what the author does it, he explains in no uncertain terms how guys are functioning.
I am a very rational person and reading this book made me realize what went wrong in the last couple of “relationships” I had. I am always over-eager, can’t wait and basically just pressure the guys into leaving me. Astonishing how much I can do wrong, and it also made me realize why the guys I don’t care about worship me. I like it that I now have a logic explanation why so and so never called. What went wrong with B for example.
I was too available and gave in too fast. No chance in hell that the thing with B will ever work again. Of course he never even got in touch since his last text, which was May 1. If he ever does I know what I have to do. And I love it that there is a plan or a manual on how to go about this thing called love. Because the manual tells me to lean back and relax. And we all know that this is nothing new, but having read it as an explanation guideline for my love-life, I will follow it and let you know about the results.

In other news, I got a text from I guy I dated last year in January. Let’s call him W. He was very much into me, when basically he stopped calling and so on. Bla bla bla, always the same story. Later on I heard that he got back together with his ex. They broke up last summer, and I saw him again in January this year. He is actually the friend of one of my friend’s boyfriend. So this January I basically told him (in other words) that he is jerk. Funny enough, he calls his friend the next day and asked him how he thought the evening went with me and if he still had a chance. The boyfriend told him no way and that was the last I heard and saw from him.
So a week ago I get a text from a number I don’t know, telling me that he understands my behavior in a way but would like to talk about it. Only of course if I am interested as well. Regards, W. First I thought it was an error message, but still forwarded it to my friend to find out if it was the guy from last year. Then I deleted the text cause honestly I didn’t care anymore.
So the next morning I was told that it was him and that he wanted to apologize. Only 15 month later. Isn’t that great??
I asked my friend if the guy was crazy but she said that’s what I wanted, no?. Which I did of course, only then, not now. She also told me that he saw me in restaurant 2 weeks ago and apparently said hi and waved at me and I ignored him. This part I really liked. Cause I never noticed him and apparently this was his motivator to finally get in touch. My friend told me that he talked about apologizing for the last couple of months. Sure he did, only he never had the nerve to do it! Isn’t it interesting that a guy picks up the phone only after he gets ignored. That’s a lesson we should all take to heart! I do!

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