2nd date

My date last week went well insofar as the guy was presentable, funny and paid for my drinks. A lot better than most guys I have met from online platforms so far.
Also he of course likes me a lot, or shows a lot of interest. He sent a text the day after and invited me for dinner which we will have tonight. We are going to a Thai restaurant since we are both very much into Asian cuisine and love Thailand.
I am playing this now by the book, you know the one from Christian Sanders, and so far it works like a charm. Unbelievable, but on the other hand of course it is believable, because we all know that guys want to hunt us down. And the more we resist the more attractive we get.
Since I am not attracted to him at all I will use him as my practise model to hone my “man catching” skills, haha! No, I just want to try how it is when you go out with a guy and show him some interest but not too much. Just listen actively to his stories and be interested in him but not so much as to go home with him.
This ability has to become my second nature so when I meet a guy I want to take home, I can resist him until he is absolutely smitten with me! So I am sorry to say that E. is a practice model now. Hopefully I am not going to break his heart, this is bad for my karma. I will be very nice and gentle with him.
There are a couple of other guys in the picture but nothing to talk about at the moment.
You know that I never heard from B. again? Which is weird cause I was sure he would get in touch when he is back in town. So maybe he has not been back or he really keeps his distance. I still think about him from time to time but the urge to get in touch has diminished. Which I am grateful for!
Will keep you posted on my Thai date!

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