No date actually

I was supposed to get a fancy dinner from this one guy J. I emailed with online. He already invited me and due to my vacation I had to postpone. But he agreed, talked about making a reservation and then never emailed back. ???

Not that I wanted this date to go any further! He already put me off him when I wrote something about taking about for dinner and then seducing me. What’s that supposed to mean? You buy me dinner and therefore I owe you something? Guys are weird, there is just no other way to put it.

Meanwhile R. is still kind of keeping in touch. Have a feeling that he is cyber stalking me on fb. He can do all he wants there. Not much is on my page and I almost never update it. Still he sent an invitation for a football game. He is playing senior league. Do I want to go there? Maybe, but not to meet him. And then it would definitely send the wrong signal. But otherwise it would be a great place to meet some guys. Because where else am I going to meet them? For sure not at work, home or any of the other places I frequent. So what’s a girl to do?

Maybe sign up again for some online dating? I just canceled all of them in summer and was glad I got rid of them. But honestly I am kind of bored. I love to go on dates. And all my friends are now in relationships except for one friend I don’t want to meet alone. So what’s your advice?

3 thoughts on “No date actually

  1. Online dating has relieved my boredom so I say get back on. It ebbs and flows though. I had 3 weeks of excitement and then one with nothing and now I’ve got multiple new prospects so it’s getting exciting again.


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