Always the wrong ones call

How come always the guys who aren’t interesting at all stay in touch? Twice actually. The boring date from 2 weeks ago sent me a text wishing me a nice vacation. I didn’t bother to answer (I know, I know quite heartless). Then another text 3 days ago asking me if I was already back. How come R. stays in touch?
I really felt he realized as well that there was no connection. Weird…or maybe it is just me?

Also while on away I got an email from J., another from the dating website. I had given him my personal email which I use for dating. He asked me on Tuesday if he could invite me for dinner (at a super fancy restaurant) on Thursday to get to know me and seduce me??? WTF?? I wrote back that we had already agreed on a date this Thursday since I was not in town last week. I also ignored the seducing part. Honestly if he wants to buy me dinner at this place, go ahead. I will definitely go home alone. Who does he think he is besides a presumptuous idiot?

Anyway am going out on Thursday again and will let you know how it went.

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