Back to online dating

K sent a text back two days after mine, apologizing for the late answer. I didn’t write back, there was no reason for it. He now left Vienna for the mountains and I am waiting for his invitation. Will I go? For sure yes! With him I know at least what I am getting and which is definitely a good thing.

M didn’t write back and I sent him two days later another text, saying thank you for all the beautiful pictures he took. I at least looked good on everyone. Which is extremely rare. So I thanked him and thought I would get the texting started again, but no. After two texts in two days I got back a lonely smiley and that was it for me. Sure sign he is not into me. Why he even wrote in the first place is a mystery to me.

So now I am back to online dating. Changed my profile picture again to one from which my friend says I look like the “joie de vivre” in person with a hint of sex appeal. I think it is a lot more sex appeal because I get almost flooded by emails from 20 somethings asking me if I want to have sex with them. Which is very complimentary but not what I asked for. I only checked the box for relationship. Plus they get irritated when I say no thank you as if I have to take them up on their offer???

I am now talking and texting to another M who is 10 years younger than me but funny and tall, with a full head of hair. Plus with some other guys I am not sure if I even want to meet them. I have the impression the closer we get to Christmas the more desperate everyone becomes in finding the special someone. I am sure in January this frenzy will abate.

Anyway, I wish K would get in touch. Which is a bad sign!

2 thoughts on “Back to online dating

  1. I had the same theory about people getting desperate at the holiday which is why I decided it was time to step down for a while. But I might be going back on in a few weeks or so. It will definitely be interesting to see who is looking for love in cold lonely January…or god forbid as we get closer to Valentine’s Day – yikes!!

    When I do go back on I plan to change the profile pic and profile summary up and see what happens. I think that is the smartest thing to do.

    I love the 20-somethings! It’s so weird and flattering all at the same time!


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