Oh what fun…

K is gone since a week and I haven’t heard from although I have sent him a text yesterday. Which was actually just a bout a soccer game and not about how much I miss him. So it doesn’t really matter. I always knew that we just have this ‘friends with benefits’ thing and not much more.

But this post is not about K, it is about a Christmas party I went to last Saturday. The whole day was stressful, you know how it is shortly before Christmas. You want to meet all your friends, shop for some gifts etc. I was invited for 5pm at one friend’s place to check out her new cat and to also eat some pumpkin soup (ready-made argh!). Nevermind, the cat was funny; always jumping on the nativity set and playing with the wooden animals inside.

Then I had to be home at 7pm to play hostess for my friends before going to said Christmas party which was across the street from my place. I started with two Campari spritzers to relax and then ate quite a bit from my salsa with shrimps and young onions. So when we left for the party I was already tipsy and had bad breath. Not much could happen in such a state and I was pleased to know that I could just have a couple more drinks and then go home.

Starting the party with a vodka tonic was definitely a mistake but none of my friends told me that. I couldn’t even tell you why I took a fancy to vodka and not stayed with my usual white wine spritzer. It didn’t matter, I had a great time, I looked gorgeous, was charming and witty (my friends told me that, I cannot confirm this). And then after a while the photographer was taking a fancy to our group and was making a lot of pictures. And still a bit later he was holding me in his arms and one of my friends was taking pictures of us. A lot of them. And then he took pictures of other people but he appeared to be always coming back.

Later he gave me his business card on which my friend wrote my contact details and gave it back to him. Why should I get in touch? He is the man! And he did get in touch, sent a text yesterday. Asked me if I got home alright…maybe he noticed that I was more than tipsy? I of course wrote back an hour later and have not heard from him since.

So what does that mean? It takes him three days to write to me and I write back within the hour. Am I too eager? Too stupid because I don’t think it necessary to wait for a couple of days? I don’t know and on the other hand I don’t really care. M (that’s him) was cute but also young. Maybe 5-7 years younger than me. I liked him and I had fun. Did I ever expect him to get in touch? Yeah, probably. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who collects numbers. Do I think he will get in touch again. Yes, I do. Why shouldn’t he? I looked good the other night (and hopefully all his pictures can prove that).

What I liked best about the evening is that when you have no expectations everything is possible.

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