Still hanging around

I just noticed that I last updated my blog more than a month ago. And the funny part is that in the meantime nothing has happened.
I have been out a bit on date, discovered Tinder and already went on a breakfast date with a guy from there, but nothing exciting has happened. Sometimes I wonder if I even want anything to happen?
I decided sometime last year after a long vacation that I want to take a year off work and just travel for a while. And since I made up my mind to really do this I have been very focused on saving money, getting information on where to go when, vaccinations, visas etc. My focus has slightly shifted.

While I still want to meet a great person and share my life with him, it’s not my overall mission in life anymore. Might have also to do with the fact that I passed my 40th birthday a while ago, kids therefore are basically out of the question and there is not so much pressure anymore on finding the right man right now (except from my mother). I love meeting new people more than loving to get to know them. Does that sound weird? Or am I of sound mind?

Questions and more questions. They are coming up more often now. Just passed another birthday and got lots of gifts from my mother to match her vision of me on how to find a man. Which freaks me out and ended in a huge fight. And although I know she means well I cannot go on anymore. I hate it that she makes me feel worth less just because I am single. Because I don’t feel like this. I feel ok, sometimes even great. I am also not afraid that I will end up alone. I am sure there is someone around for me to match, just maybe not right now.

So what am I to do?

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