Let’s go for dinner 

Aussie ordered a large beer for himself and a small one for me. Then he put the glass to his mouth and only set it down once three-quarters of its content had vanished. Great either he tried to catch up or I don’t know what.

Once the glass was back on the table we started talking and after about 10 minutes I got the impression that it was not going so well. My ‘Queen of small talk’ quality had left the premise once it noticed that Aussie was not the talker. Great, so here I was sitting with a guy who appeared to be nice (and I mean that in the best possible way; nice is totally underrated!) but was a man of few words. The fewer the better apparently.

So imagine my astonishment when he asked me if I wanted to go for dinner. I already knew that I would never make it to the second date. After two beers I definitely needed something to eat first. And even though he was not the best conversationalist, a free dinner was a free dinner.

We left the pub and moved in the direction of the beach. I noticed that I really had too much to drink since I wobbled a bit. But Aussie was not fazed and provided a stable support for me by holding my arm. Nothing sexual in there, I assure you.

We reached the beach and he chose a really good-looking place to have dinner. When he asked me if I was hungry, ate everything and if he could order for us, I was more than happy to say yes to all three. Saying “YES” a lot more was something I had leaned on my trip. It really opened new doors for me and lead to some incredible experiences!

Starving by then I loved it that Aussie ordered the seafood platter for two which started with oysters (why ever we would need aphrodisiac I really didn’t get). Also loved it that he didn’t appear to be cheap. He had paid for the beers already and since he had ordered the food I assumed (correctly) that he would pay for dinner.

Over dinner he started to talk a bit and my first impression was confirmed, Aussie was a good guy. There is something inherently sexy about a really nice guy. Maybe it’s because I am already older and had my share of bad boys. I loved that he came across like a real guy.

So dinner was interesting and with two shared pitchers of beers his tongue got looser and I felt he might not be uninterested after all.  Mine got looser too and I asked him about the first 15 minutes and my impression of him. He told me that he was inherently shy and that he felt nervous with me. What better compliment for someone like me to make a younger guy nervous. He really knew what to tell me.

After he paid for dinner we went in search of a bar. It started to become really interesting. There was definitely a bit of tension in the air.

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