Being single but not lonely

I noticed again today that I have not written in a while and I noticed it because I wrote tons on my other blog and this one seems to idle away and has come to a full stop apparently. Things have to change around here and I need to get some motivation.
Motivation is also lacking in my love life. Basically my love life is non-existing and that already for a couple of months. Not healthy at all, I know. But as I said, I seem to be lacking in motivation. I haven’t been out lately, I have been on vacation though. But even there I rather preferred to stay on the beach and leave the sexual exploits to my older friends. What’s up with me?
Am I just tired of trying? Maybe because I am planning this big trip in my head and wouldn’t have time for anything anyway?
But there is always time for love (or sex) you will say. You are right, there is. I just don’t make any. I also don’t plan my trip. I just like to talk about how much money I saved and when I will start it. And since I have a starting date I am scared shitless that I am doing this. Quitting my job and leaving everything behind while going away on this trip of a lifetime. Which it will hopefully be once I am on it.
So what I supposed to do? About everything and my love life? The latter needs to be resuscitated again, definitely not healthy at all what I am doing to my body and my mental health. I read an article somewhere that the human being needs to be touched. I definitely need to be touched. All over if possible.
Let’s get this thing going! I am challenging myself to get in the sack, I just don’t know with whom. I really wish I wouldn’t be so fussy. But I can’t get it on with just anybody. I want someone young, with a nice body and good hair (better make that a full set of hair) and nice teeth (caries is contagious after all). Urgh, see there I go again. But I will work on myself. Promise!
Maybe the hair is not so important after all, just a nice to have feature.
Talk to you soon