All quiet on the text front

Ten days I ago I heard the last time from B. Since then my phone has been quiet at least in regards to his texts and calls. I assume he is still in Slovenia, probably with his girlfriend or wife. A notion that never left me in all these months that we are dealing with each other. I still have this feeling that there is someone else in his life.
I also believe that he will get in touch once he is back in Vienna. I am still not sure how I will react to this. My head tells me to ignore all his communications. It makes no sense to stay in touch with him, nothing will change. We have been through the same already a couple of times now.
My head also tells me to not even waste a thought on all of this. I haven’t heard from him so far and I shouldn’t answer anyway.
My heart of course tells a different story, but one that is not coming into play since I haven’t heard from him. Non-communication makes keeping resolutions a lot easier!