Will I ever learn?

Yesterday evening I went out with friends for sushi and afterwards for football. Watching the Champions League semifinal between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid in room full of guys made me realize how lonely I felt. So when I cam home I had nothing better to do than to send a text to B. Actually copying one of his in which he said that he was always checking What’s App! if there is any message from me and never seeing one. So I copied it and just brought it up to date, hoping to hear from him. And guess what?? I got no answer. Although he read it shortly after midnight, no answer.
How come I cannot get over this jerk? Why am I always going back for more BS? Or even worse nothing at all? I don’t understand myself, my head is telling me since a very long time that this guy is just not for me. That he only makes me miserable waiting for him to call or make time for me. He is definitely “just not that into me”. So why am I going back for more and more? I do not recognize myself. I am not this kind of person.
Please, please let me get this into my heart: He is not the one!!

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