Irish compliment

Last Friday I was invited at L.’s for BBQ. She and her husband live in a large apartment complex, with pool, party room and so on. We were joined by my other friend B. and her son, and D. an Irish with his two kids, who all live there as well.
Dinner was fantastic, thanks to the world-class grill chef M. and the mosquitos were kept at bay with lots of sprays, candles and incense sticks. The wine was flowing, conversation as well. In between quite a bit of hick hack by the only married couple, everybody else was single/divorced. Quite an interesting combination.
What made my evening were the two minutes spent with D. alone outside on the patio when he told me that he was briefed that I would be there. What he said was that I am exactly like they told him, but that I was definitely “under sold”. Nice compliment! Not so much from friends though.
But guess what, I would rather be “under sold” than “over sold”. There has to be always room to impress!

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