Another dose of Special K

My not writing anything for a long time doesn’t mean that I have found ‘the one’. It just means that I am super busy at work and that there is not much going on in my private life.

The last time I wrote about “Special K” he was just leaving for vacation. So one week into his vacation I got a mail from him telling me that a bit about his trip but also saying that he had a really good time with me and ended the mail with a kiss. Now this was a first and I have to be honest I kind of got excited. Always very bad with Special K as I know from experience.

I know that he would be away for three weeks and really shortly before his return there was another email from him in my inbox, telling me that he would return in two days and if I wanted to meet on Thursday last week. I could come over to his place, he had it all to himself and he didn’t want to leave the cat alone! I was not sure about the meaning of the cat reference, but since I couldn’t make it last Thursday I suggested to get together on Friday or Saturday. And guess what? I didn’t hear from him.

Tuesday this week then I got another email from him in which he mentioned in passing that he got my mail and also read it (Thank God I didn’t write a follow-up mail to check if he had gotten my mail….puhh!). But since he was busy anyway last weekend…. Great guy, no? I am not allowed to fall in love with him again!!

He told me that Wednesday next week will be his last day and that he was leaving for work after. He would still love to meet and if I had any time next week. So I wrote back that I am super busy but that I would cancel something and he could choose his preferred day. And then again no answer for two days. Honestly, my mind was made up that if he would write on Monday to get together on Monday I would not give in to all the wicked temptation!

Luckily for him (and also for me) he wrote yesterday tha the would like to see me on Monday and that it’s super nice of me to cancel my evening for him. And, and this was the cutest part of the mail, his invitation to his place is no longer standing since he didn’t have the place to himself any longer (I am really glad I know who lives with him and it’s not a wife!!) and if he could come to my place and stay. OMG, my heart was melting. Also I still have his toothbrush from last time. So I see him on Monday!

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