Going out with friends

Thursday night I was out with my girls. There is a monthly party here in Vienna called ‘Thirty Dancing’ which is the perfect place to be if you want to meet people. We have no place like it in Vienna where one can meet so many ‘right age group’ people. As the name implies one has to be over thirty to get in.

It is socially very interesting to observe that the guests consist mostly of older women and younger men in the beginning of the evening (it starts at 7) and then kind of turns around 11. Why is that? What exactly are younger guys seeing in older woman? And when does this change? I mean there are no men over 50 with older women (at least not out in public and unless one looks like Susan Sarandon…).

Anyway I am losing sight here of what I wanted to say. My point is that I had fun partying with my friends. And two guys came up to me and talked to me which rarely happens. They were both cute. We didn’t exchange any details but I like the fact that I get talked up again and that guys are approaching me.

That must mean that not only do I feel relaxed but also that it’s noticeable. Love it, love it, love it!


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