More than Special K

So K and I went to the movies last Monday. It was actually like a proper date. He waited for me at our usual meeting spot and then showed me his list of movies he wanted to see and where they played. He was totally prepared for our meeting. We decided on ‘Blue Jasmine’, went to the theater and he got the tickets. I couldn’t have been more astonished since this has not happened before. Normally he is broke and I pay for the two of us. Loved it when I took out my wallet and he said leave it.

We walked home after the movie, had a glass of wine and then finally started kissing. Nothing had happened before (maybe unlike last time we were both sober on the way home) and when we started kissing on the couch he stopped me talking and I thought ‘Finally!’. Apparently he felt the same way because two minutes into it he asked if we can move to the bedroom and sleep together at last. I laughed so hard and told him I would really appreciate it if he told me his desire differently. Like telling me that he is so much into me that he can’t wait any longer or something along this line. To which he replied that this was exactly what he meant. Men…I really don’t get them.

Later I told him that I was quite sorry to see him leave for the mountains just when it got comfortable between us. He then invited me to come and see him. I replied to invite me again once he was there. I also let him know that he can sleep with whomever he wanted to. Just that then he wouldn’t sleep with me anymore. He called it a deal.

Anyway, he left for Germany three days later to see some friends and should now be back in Vienna until Saturday. Of course I have not heard from him and although I know that I should not have any expectations, I am a bit disappointed. Maybe not so much that he didn’t call (he told me that I should come to the mountains which in his language means he has no time until then) but that it’s already 10 days again since we last did the deeds. I can go months without it but the moment I start again and there is someone on hand I want to do it all the time. This is going to be a long winter!

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