Movie weekend in the mountains

I came back last night from my weekend with K and what can I tell you… we will definitely never be a couple but I had the most amazing time with him!

He picked me up from the train station and like in a movie he was waiting for me right in front of my exit. Not five minutes after arriving at his place there was no stopping us. We made for his bed (a single bed!) right away. After we got that out of our system we started to get acquainted again. That sounds actually weirder than it was. It’s just that we never before spent so much time together. So it was kind of fun to pick each other’s brain and get to know each other again. He had cooked dinner for me and the food was amazing. I really don’t say this lightly because I am a very picky eater in the sense that I can cook really well myself and I hate everything that is done with ready-made ingredients. I can literally taste all the convenience food right away and hate it when I get it served under the pretense of home-made food. He clearly knows what he is doing in the kitchen and later told me that he had learned it from his mother.

After dinner we basically went back to bed (in lieu of a couch), started a movie and had to restart the movie again an hour later. I don’t know how we made it through the night in his small bed but we did and I actually found some sleep.
The next morning he had to go to work while I spent my morning going for coffee and sitting in the sun (which felt great after all the dreary days back home). Once he was back from work though, it was back to bed again. And there we stayed until we went out for dinner.

Sunday he had to work all day, so I decided to hit the local spa. Stayed for hours in the wellness area with 3 kinds of saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzi. Loved it and when I went back to his place at 7pm he had already made dinner again. The evening was quite different from the other two because we shared two bottles of wine, plus had a cocktail each. It ended with us trashing his bed, relocating to the floor for a while and then repairing it before going to sleep. Hilarius! I think this hasn’t happened to me since university or so.

Monday morning we finally had for us and we used it to the max. He had gone shopping the night before and bought everything for a delicious breakfast. So we only got out of bed for a bit of nourishment and the rest of time we spent in it. Anyway I had to leave around 3pm to make it back home in the evening.

So what can I say after this long weekend together? I really like him a lot, we have a lot in common also but also a lot of differences. I don’t think I would be happy in a relationship with him while on the other hand I probably want one anyway. So I have to be really careful not to get too deeply involved in this because it will not end well. The funny thing is that we spoke about how it ‘ended’ between us 4 years ago. We had this conversation where I told him I wanted more and he said he couldn’t give me more and then all melodramatic cow that I am, I told him that I will stay the night but that was that. And apparently it was. K told me that he was quite astonished that I never got in touch again. I checked my mails with him a while back and it’s true. I was never the one who instigated our contact.

So what’s a girl to do? I get it that he likes to spend time with me but for sure he is not in love. And while I can say the same for me at the moment, I can also say that I see myself easily falling in love with him if he lets me. Which he will not, he is kind of making sure of it that this will not happen. It was interesting to see from a sociological point of view (not from a personal perspective) how he distanced himself emotionally on Monday. I could almost watch the gap widen between us.
But when I sent him a text this morning that while I enjoyed my king size bed, I missed him nonetheless and that I had a good time with him; he wrote back that he enjoyed it too and then almost in an afterthought as if he had just realized it himself ‘yes, I had a great time’. Interesting, no?

So, I told him that if he will invite me again, I am not averse to come again (pun intended). Let’s see when I will get asked again. I bet you it will not be before March. A guy needs his space after all.

Talking about a different guy, F sent a text on Saturday. Asking me how the skiing went and that I should be careful as not to hurt myself. Very thoughtful. He sent another text last night with the details of the restaurant he wants to take me to and the time we are meeting. I like that he is taking charge of things and also his choice of restaurant. It’s a really good place but also not overly fancy. So tomorrow is the big day with F. Will let you know how it went.

3 thoughts on “Movie weekend in the mountains

  1. That sounds like a really fun weekend! I think you are right that it doesn’t sound like a serious monogamous relationship but it sounds like a great occasional fling!!
    Good luck with F!


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