First date night again

I am excited, at least a bit. Which is a good sign, no? On the other hand that might be too much expectation? Dating is hard, never really mastered the art of dating a couple of people at once, always had a very monogamous approach. So anyway, tonight I have another first date.

I have been on vacation the last couple of days and therefore our meeting had to be postponed. I met him online, how could it be any different, at a dating site I am not really using. This is a pay-for place and I just uploaded a profile. I can’t really use any features and can only write back if a paying member writes to me first. Which is what he did. Didn’t like his profile pic so much but at least he could spell. Nowadays that already counts for something.

We wrote back two, three times and then he asked if I was on Facebook which would facilitate the conversation a lot more. Since he gave me his details first to look him up, I sent the friend request. When I checked out his page I was quite astonished at how he looked. Totally different from his profile pic.
So while on vacation we messaged via fb and now that I am back we talked once for over 2 hours and use what’s app and regular e-mail.

There is one drawback though. Just the day before I left a friend of mine sent me a text asking me who he is. Apparently he sent her a friend request via fb, they have 5 people in common (we only had 1) and he asked her since they are working in the same field to meet for a coffee/drink thing work-related. At least that’s the way he broached the subject of meeting. I told her that we haven’t met so far and where I know him from. Also told her since she is recently divorced that he is a single dad and looking for someone.

In one of the first emails I got from him when I came back he mentioned meeting my friend and that I kind of came up and was like recommended to him…whatever that means. So when I called her to get some details she told me that he said something along the lines that it is usually not his style to send out friend requests via fb to people he doesn’t know. She then told him that she knows me and knows where we met…
She also told me that he is not her type at all (she told me that after the initial fb request already), but that he seems like a nice guy and that they had a good time. And that I should definitely meet him if he is my type.

So I am not really sure what to think about all of this. I honestly find it weird that he befriended a friend of mine and maybe it’s just bad luck for him that we are close. Not all fb friendships are real deals. I am excited about meeting him, actually I am excited about going out at all, but…I don’t know.

Oh yeah my vacation was great but I landed in a resort for families and old couples. So I am very relaxed but met nobody!

2 thoughts on “First date night again

  1. Ummmm yeah I don’t like this whole friended your friend and met up with her first thing…and yet I don’t want to influence your thoughts on him. If you meet him and like him, we’ll just pretend that FB thing never happened…if you don’t like him we’ll rip on the FB thing some more…


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