Still online dating

Since I already had to go online to my site today I figured it is also time to give an update on my dating status. I haven’t been writing lately not due to the fact that I found my one true love but just the opposite. There is nothing going on in my life.

I have no news from Sepcial K which is disappointing in many ways but especially that I erred in my prediction he would get in touch in March. Interestingly B got in touch via an email from my online dating site. He was the reason why I started this blog in the first place, it got all way too personal on my other blog which my family reads as well. Even my great-uncle and he is 91. Don’t want to give the old man a heart attack. Anyway, his mail just said something like: Funny, I am back after 10 months on this dating site and you are still here. Kind regards, B.

This from a man with whom I shared bodily fluids, great! I got super excited the moment I saw his mail, which means I have not learned anything in the last 10 months. Plus I wrote back right away something like: I am attached to the site and love to stay here (urgh, I think my brain was on a break!). No answer to my mail, of course, and also of course I am starting to obsessively checking his online status. What the f*ck is wrong with me???

My problem is that there is just nobody else out there who distracts me from my obsessions. I was supposed to date quite a cute guy on the weekend. O was a bit heavy on the emoticons though and after a while I had to tell him that sending me hearts and kisses every night, plus spelling out his horniness for me, doesn’t do it for me. Especially when we haven’t even talked so far. Maybe I was a bit harsh to him because he never called. But I just cannot tolerate this weird behavior. I also abhor it when people start to talk about sex before meeting. What’s the point of talking about it? If the chemistry is right, I am all for going ahead. But while still on mailing level it just grosses me out, especially when I am not even sure how they really look like in real life.

I know I sound quite mad today and I can’t stop ranting about all these losers out there when I am the biggest loser. Single since years, happy but sometimes lonely.

3 thoughts on “Still online dating

      1. nooooooooo you are not! yes it’s good to be open-minded but that doesn’t mean that we can make ourselves look over certain facts about someone. If something turns us off, it turns us off!


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