Same old boring

Quick update on the date I had on Saturday. We were supposed to meet at 5:30 in the afternoon in front of an ice cream parlour. Around 5:10 I get a text from R. that he just wants to let me know that he is wearing red pants, a grey shirt, and a grey jacket and where he sits. So I rush to the meeting point and see him standing in front of the bank and right away he is a disappointment.

I think on his profile he said that he looked regular, but regular my a**. More like chunky on the verge of fat. So skinny red pants really don’t go with this. And then he smiles at me and all is lost. Worst teeth ever. Maybe it is just me, but I am obsessed with nice teeth. They are like your calling card. If you don’t take care of them who cares what the rest looks like.

We went for ice cream or better I went because he has an intolerance to milk products and more. I honestly thought that his doctor made a good call. He probably wanted him to lose weight and since he had no allergies, he just gave him a couple of intolerance food groups (like all kinds of wheat, corn, yeast, milk products from all animals). And guess what, he proudly told me that he had already lost a dress size. So I was right. It’s good for him but doesn’t change the fact that he forgot to check the ‘couple of kilo too many’ box.

We walked a bit around the city, then had 2 drinks each and then left it at. He paid which I found generous, because he must have felt as well that we will not see each other again. I think the worst for me was, besides the teeth, his effeminate behavior. The laugh, the gestures, the voice.
I know I am picky but I can’t help myself. There has to be some kind of spark, chemistry or whatever you want to call it.

Another round of blind dates

Not a lot happened in the last couple of weeks dating wise. Actually nothing happened. I concentrated at getting on better shape to fit in my jeans again come fall and that’s about it. No guys at all in my life.

About two to three weeks ago I got an offer for an online dating service for three day trial period. This weekI took them up on it. I signed up (just for the free part), filled out my profile, did the test and waited for the matching to begin.

Yesterday the trial period ended and I am glad it did because I felt like in the supermarket. You wink a someone, get an email, write back and get rejected. All in the space of 60 minutes. This is definitely not the bazaar for the lonely hearts to pick up some self-esteem on the way.

But, isn’t there always a but, I have a date this afternoon. Matching points of 126, his is tall, still has a set of hairs and a teenage daughter. So instant family is included. Not sure I would want it, but the option would be available. Anyway, we are starting with ice-cream today. Always puts me in a good mood.