Having fun

So my inbox got flooded this week by lots of emails from old guys wanting to wine and dine me and young guys wanting to just f*ck me. And in between a couple of mails from seemingly regular guys within the right age group.

Ok, so maybe my age group is narrow and I rather like them younger than older. I am old myself, no reason therefore to look for someone a lot older. Also my other ‘problem’: I like them tall. I am quite small (maybe even on the tiny side) so why should I date someone the same size? I want a man to look up in all possible ways.

I think I have my first date tomorrow afternoon. Honestly I don’t know. I gave out my number to three guys and with one of them I arranged to meet tomorrow. We are seeing an exhibition. At least I think so. Anyway I saved all their numbers with their respective picture so I will know whom I meet.

So I am sure you think now I am not taking this serious enough. But you know what? I took it all very serious for a long time and nothing happened. So the worst that can happen now is that I at least have fun.

Another round of blind dates

Not a lot happened in the last couple of weeks dating wise. Actually nothing happened. I concentrated at getting on better shape to fit in my jeans again come fall and that’s about it. No guys at all in my life.

About two to three weeks ago I got an offer for an online dating service for three day trial period. This weekI took them up on it. I signed up (just for the free part), filled out my profile, did the test and waited for the matching to begin.

Yesterday the trial period ended and I am glad it did because I felt like in the supermarket. You wink a someone, get an email, write back and get rejected. All in the space of 60 minutes. This is definitely not the bazaar for the lonely hearts to pick up some self-esteem on the way.

But, isn’t there always a but, I have a date this afternoon. Matching points of 126, his is tall, still has a set of hairs and a teenage daughter. So instant family is included. Not sure I would want it, but the option would be available. Anyway, we are starting with ice-cream today. Always puts me in a good mood.