Still online dating

Since I already had to go online to my site today I figured it is also time to give an update on my dating status. I haven’t been writing lately not due to the fact that I found my one true love but just the opposite. There is nothing going on in my life.

I have no news from Sepcial K which is disappointing in many ways but especially that I erred in my prediction he would get in touch in March. Interestingly B got in touch via an email from my online dating site. He was the reason why I started this blog in the first place, it got all way too personal on my other blog which my family reads as well. Even my great-uncle and he is 91. Don’t want to give the old man a heart attack. Anyway, his mail just said something like: Funny, I am back after 10 months on this dating site and you are still here. Kind regards, B.

This from a man with whom I shared bodily fluids, great! I got super excited the moment I saw his mail, which means I have not learned anything in the last 10 months. Plus I wrote back right away something like: I am attached to the site and love to stay here (urgh, I think my brain was on a break!). No answer to my mail, of course, and also of course I am starting to obsessively checking his online status. What the f*ck is wrong with me???

My problem is that there is just nobody else out there who distracts me from my obsessions. I was supposed to date quite a cute guy on the weekend. O was a bit heavy on the emoticons though and after a while I had to tell him that sending me hearts and kisses every night, plus spelling out his horniness for me, doesn’t do it for me. Especially when we haven’t even talked so far. Maybe I was a bit harsh to him because he never called. But I just cannot tolerate this weird behavior. I also abhor it when people start to talk about sex before meeting. What’s the point of talking about it? If the chemistry is right, I am all for going ahead. But while still on mailing level it just grosses me out, especially when I am not even sure how they really look like in real life.

I know I sound quite mad today and I can’t stop ranting about all these losers out there when I am the biggest loser. Single since years, happy but sometimes lonely.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I have been very successful with my new picture in the online profile. My only problem is that I haven’t met anyone so far. I am mailing and talking to two guys in another province (along with quite a lot others). Both seem cute if not overly bright. But I don’t want to ask for to much in the beginning.

The younger of these two was actually in town over Christmas and but then called me on his last day here to meet. Sorry, could and would not meet him then. Really should have a made a bit more of an effort.
The second one was supposed to come today to attend a birthday party and then meet me tomorrow. Now he canceled because he got sick. And after yesterdays texts I am not unhappy about it.

Why is it that guys always start to talk about sex after a while? What is the point talking about it when one hasn’t actually met and chances are slim that there is any chemistry? And even if, where does it say that I would shag them right away? I really, really hate that and I usually end all communication when it gets to this point. I rather not talk about it but do it instead with someone I like.

On Christmas Eve I got a surprise call from Special K. He was back in town for a night to spend the evening with his family. I was so surprised that I even forgot to ask if there was any chance that we could meet. So when I called back 10 minutes later (why oh why do I have the greater need and have to ask for it???) I only got his voicemail of course. I left a message to ask if he wanted to get together later but had only a slim hope to hear from him. And of course I didn’t. But still I was duly impressed to have heard from him at all. This is so unlike him to just call and wish me ‘Merry Christmas’. I could almost get the impression he likes me a lot more than he lets on.

New Years Eve came and I had already decided beforehand to give K a call. I mean he called at Christmas so the least I could do was show him the same courtesy. So I call, get now answer and decide this time to write a text instead of leaving a message. Two minutes later his reply comes wishing me all the best as well but also asking me if I don’t want to come to see him. So I call again to hear his invitation in person and again no answer. I write another text that it’s a shame that I couldn’t hear this exciting invitation in person and that I will try to come in January.

Five minutes later he called. We talked for a bit about when I could come and how long I would stay and so on. Since it is a 5 hour train ride I told him I would like to come on a Friday evening and stay until Monday afternoon. He also works on the weekend and it is easier for him to get a weekday off. Which leaves us with one morning to spend as we want (besides all evening and nights). I was not sure about the three days but he assures me that it is not too long for him. Imagine my excitement after this call.

On the way to my friend’s place for New Year’s Eve I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize. It turned out to be a text from Big K. I have not heard from this guy for 2 month and now all of a sudden he sends a text to wish me all the best for 2014 and then asking me to eventually meet him after January 15. So I write back to wish him all the best as well but telling him that I don’t really get his reference to this eventual date in January. To which he replies: Don’t you want to meet again? I almost fell of my seat laughing so hard. Had to write back ‘No, whatever for?’. What’s it with these guys??? And I don’t even want to start talking about all the weirdos who contacted me over Christmas to spend the evening with them. All these sad and lonely guys. Don’t they have any friends or family?

But let’s get to the good part about New Year’s Eve. When I wake up the next morning I had a text from special K from 3:30 in the morning, telling me that he just got home and wishing me a happy new year. Including a kiss. Texted back that I wished him the same that I was still in bed returning his kiss. When I woke up an hour later I had another text telling me that he would love to be right next to me to sleep with me. To which I replied that I was looking forward to our weekend and that he could show me that then in detail. And that I would definitely try to already come on Friday evening. And then he texts back that I also have to ‘come’ in the morning and that he just starts to imagine it all and if I am naked? Which I found super unfair because I was still at my friend’s place and already up at this time and it was definitely not the right moment to start sexting.

I told him that I couldn’t think about this right now because we would not see each other for another three weeks. And then hours later he sends another text that he is still daydreaming about having sex with me. And that he is at his work and can’t stop thinking about it all and that he would have sex with me this evening in his bed. Which was super weird for me because he never wrote or said anything like it before and I was still at my friend’s place. So definitely no privacy anywhere. I wrote back that he has to stop with it right now but that I already know what to do to him the moment I see him. I really hope that kickstarted his phantasy.

Anyway I booked my train ticket yesterday and will see him in exactly 2 weeks. He already promised me that he wants to sleep with me often and that he will try to take also one more day off. Now this sounds promising.

So now I am all excited and don’t want to meet any of the online guys. Which is totally unhealthy because as we all know whatever Special K and I have will not lead to anything at all. It only works as long as I can go along with the ‘none thing’ we have. I therefore made an effort last night, dressed up and went out with my friends. And totally met an interesting guy who didn’t ask for my number! Really, really hate that. He is the friend of a friend of mine which I haven’t seen in years. I talked first to my friend and then later introduced myself to A. While I talked to him I noticed how cute he looked and that he a super nice smile. And he was laid back, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but was already a professor at university while looking himself still like a student. Exactly the kind of guy I like! And he is single because he had told my girlfriend just moments before. So now I am starting to wonder how I can see him again. Exactly the right frame of mind in which to see Special K again!