More news and more of the same

I haven’t heard from B until last Thursday. Although he had asked me in his texts the Saturday before last if we will see each other last week. No sign from him at all. And then last Thursday quite late I get a text from him that he is checking his text daily hoping to hear from me and always being disappointed.
He told me that he was still in Slovenia but that he will come back to Vienna on Sunday. And then he asked me if we can write each other until we see each other again. And that his longing for me almost hurts.
Then on Friday morning I sent him a text that I woke up thinking about him. And to this I get no answer. Nothing, nada. So this morning, it already being Monday, I sent him his text back “we will write each other, yes?” and also wrote “You, too?”.

So far he has not seen it, and there is of course no answer. What am I to do. I have a feeling he writes only when he had something to drink and feels a bit lonely. Otherwise there is never anything from him. I don’t know how to get him out of my system. It’s not as if we had such a long relationship. Basically only days, since most of the times I have been on vacation while we ware dating.

Just now got a text from him. Of course we will write each other. He is just now on the way back to Vienna…
Sh*t, I am excited. Where will this all lead??

V on the other hand wants to come to see me in Vienna in July. He still wants me to cancel my trip to
Moscow. And if he knew that just today I booked a trip to Greece I am sure he would be mad again. So it’s good that he doesn’t know!

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