Having fun

So my inbox got flooded this week by lots of emails from old guys wanting to wine and dine me and young guys wanting to just f*ck me. And in between a couple of mails from seemingly regular guys within the right age group.

Ok, so maybe my age group is narrow and I rather like them younger than older. I am old myself, no reason therefore to look for someone a lot older. Also my other ‘problem’: I like them tall. I am quite small (maybe even on the tiny side) so why should I date someone the same size? I want a man to look up in all possible ways.

I think I have my first date tomorrow afternoon. Honestly I don’t know. I gave out my number to three guys and with one of them I arranged to meet tomorrow. We are seeing an exhibition. At least I think so. Anyway I saved all their numbers with their respective picture so I will know whom I meet.

So I am sure you think now I am not taking this serious enough. But you know what? I took it all very serious for a long time and nothing happened. So the worst that can happen now is that I at least have fun.

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