Cringe attack

My date on Saturday did not happen. We talked before on the phone and he sounded like a stuffy old man. I just had to make an excuse and begged off. Urgh, didn’t want to waste my evening with this guy. See, this comes from forgetting that I don’t like older men. When I talk to them and I can already hear that there is no connection whatsoever.

Meanwhile I am juggling quite a bit of different guys per mail and texts. Some of them get in touch quite often, others not so. Of course the one I liked best so far, didn’t get back after the phone call. I followed up with an email two days later to which he replied but no answer to my last one. So getting anywhere with him…

Yesterday I was supposed to have another date quite late after a work-out session. I called and canceled 45 minutes before meeting him and he understood that I was super tired after the training. Problem is that he asked for another picture (the one I have online is with sunglasses) and then I sent the picture to the wrong guy. Plus I apologized again for canceling.

So embarrassing especially since the other guy thought I was only emailing with him. However did he get that impression. It happened because I was texting with him at this moment so I mixed up their names and oops, sent to the wrong guy. Then I wanted to save the situation by telling him that I was home and he could call my land line (my cell gets not enough reception to have a conversation, just enough for texts) . Five minutes later he texts that he called and I didn’t pick up. Saw then that I had left the cordless on the couch and that it ran out of battery. I apologized again but then deleted everything. Am sure that I will never hear from him again.

How do you go about online dating? I believe when you sign up somewhere it is clear that you make the most out of it and get in touch with as many people as possible. The eliminating starts soon enough. But how can someone get the impression he is the only one? How can emailing be exclusive? In the end it doesn’t matter, I will not hear from G. again.

6 thoughts on “Cringe attack

  1. I think some guys assume they are the only one and some assume you are dating multiples. I don’t hide it that I am dating so many but I try to not discuss it with them either. If they ask I will be honest. Other than that it’s all a juggling act. You have to be really organized to keep them all straight. And always double check a text before sending! 😉


      1. You know what I started today too? I list of the outfits I’ve worn on each date so far so I can keep track and not wear the same thing in a row with each guy. hahaha!


      2. Wow, I am impressed! You are obviously putting a lot of thought in the whole smurfing project. Might have to do that too if there is any chance on meeting a guy twice. My date for tonight never confirmed so I got myself an invite for dinner at a friend’s place


      3. I admit it does take a lot of thought and effort but I seem to be really good at it. Who knew? lol

        My date for last night didn’t pan out either – such a letdown sometimes…


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