Update from the dating front

I met the first guy finally last Friday. C looked like a geek from his picture but turned out even worse. We were actually supposed to meet before but then settled on last Friday.
The day after talking to him I noticed that it was soccer qualification night with an exceptionally important game for Austria (which we lost but that’s another story). Anyway, in my mind I was like, no way I am going to see it with this guy I don’t know. I want to have some fun and see it together with friends. So I made plans for the night and thought to myself that I will just have to let the guy know.

Come Friday night I leave my Pilates class when I get a call from C that he was already at our meeting place. Sh*t I forgot to cancel. So had to meet him since we made plans first. Canceled my friends on the way to the bar and just accepted my fate. It was all my fault anyway.

On seeing him disappointment kept coming in waves. He looked even worse than expected. You know pictures can only show so much from a person. He looked exactly like his picture but also a lot worse. Plus his style, his cheap personality and his overall cockiness just added to the conviction that this will be a one time event. Since the game was already running I stayed and spent the evening. When we said goodnight later he apparently had had a different impression from how our date went and instead airkissing my cheek he zoomed in on my mouth. I could just turn my head in time to avoid a smacker. Just writing about it makes me almost sick. So this was C.

Monday night I met P. P is nine years older than I, so not at all my usual type. But I thought I would branch out a bit, not that I was so successful with my type before. I was late on meeting him (sent him a text of course) because I had to work late and wanted to go for a run and didn’t want to cancel that just for a date. So shortly before I arrive I get a text from him that he is waiting inside in the smoking zone. Don’t ask, we still have that here. Austria is a bit backwards when it comes to health issues.

So I was already miffed when I arrived. What was the point of washing my hair if I would smell like an ashtray after? Once I arrive at our table I looked at him and got a faint feeling of recognition. And indeed, an hour into hour conversation (which flowed easily) he mentioned his former employer and all of a sudden I remembered. “OMG, I met you ten years ago already at the same dating platform”. First he was like this cannot be but upon asking me why it never worked out between us I told him that at that time he listed himself as divorced in his profile while in the meantime he was still married. I never ever date married guys. There is only heartache and pain in store as far as I know from all my friends. And you know what’s funny, he told me that he still was married. The cheek of it!

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