One special date

The same week I saw P I also met big K. I have to call him that so that you can keep track of what’s happening. In the first picture big K sent me he really looked kind of cute. He also reminded me of my first love and even though he is older and not as tall as I like them, I found him very interesting to talk to and agreed to meet with him.
What was kind of weird beforehand was that he sent me a text on the day before we met, asking me if I still wanted to meet with him, the grey haired, portly, funny man. Thanking him for his warning I said I would take up the challenge and still meet with him. I knew that he was not the skinny kind, I could see it on his picture, but I was still interested. Still it’s kind of unsexy if a guy puts himself down. Usually they are getting high on their self-esteem.
Then the next day he sent another text: “Bad luck for you, I am not sick”! What’s up with this guy?
With this happening a mere hours before we met you can imagine that my excitement was below freezing level.

Finally it was 6:30pm, he picked me up from my apartment and I got into his car. Please don’t get carried away about the danger of this all. I am living in one of the safest countries in the world, plus with the bit of information he gave me I googled him. And I just knew that with such an esteemed member of our society there was no question of anything bad happening to me. I don’t normally do that but here it felt ok.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. He waited in the car for me and watched my face while I took his measure (in the literal sense). So he was kind of big but not in an unappealing way. Then he proposed on going for a drink to a really nice roof top bar where I had not been before. This is just the place where you have to go on a date and be invited for a drink. Otherwise it is too expensive and there is not enough happening for it.

The evening with him proved to be nice. Really just nice, there was a bit of spark, the conversation kept flowing and the drinks were delicious. Plus he invited me which is not something you can expect anymore. He gave me a lift home and then we said goodbye just by shaking hands which was a bit awkward. Later I got a text from him thanking me for my smile and a wonderful evening. I know it’s corny but I am sucker for this kind of stuff.

So I texted back the next morning also thanking him for a lovely evening. Then we texted back and forth a bit and he finally asked when we could see each other again and suggests a day. I told I couldn’t make it on that particular day but suggested two other days. He objected to both, then ending with “we will find an evening…”.

After that I didn’t hear from him for about a week when I finally sent another text asking if he was traveling. That was one of the reasons he gave for declining my suggested evening. He texted back right away that he was in Germany but was coming back the next day. We then agreed on him calling me around 10pm after his dinner with clients. He finally called at 11:45pm. I was still awake and up and he had sent a text before asking if it was ok to call now.

And then it got weird because he wanted to know why I got in touch with him first when I so clearly stated at our date that I wanted him to call first. So I told him the truth that I found it weird to wait for a week to hear from him again and if he hadn’t had answered the text today I would have deleted his contact details. Where is the interest in getting to know someone if you don’t show any?
He then asked me if I was horny?? Just because I got in touch? What is up with this weirdo?
So then he suggested another day and I told him I would get back to him the next day if it was possible for me. It was not, I suggested another day and now we meet on Saturday.

And I still can’t believe I even agreed to meet with him in the first place after this phone call. After what he asked me, just because I got in touch with him first. The guy is 48 and behaves worse than a guy in his twenties (I met some really mature younger guys in my time).

And you know what? Now I don’t want to meet anymore. We talked exactly one week ago. He never called or texted in between. He also told me in no uncertain terms that he expects me to think and arrange on where we go and what we do. As if choosing a bar for the first date absolves him for ever more. No, I am not into him anymore. Whatever spark there was got crushed in this weird aftermath of never talking to him and when I was talking to him he just ruined it with his unbelievable questions.

I know I still owe you the story of little K, but this has to come some other time. And it’s way better!

6 thoughts on “One special date

  1. Oh no, he sounds like a mess! All over the place. I am having one of those what the hell is wrong with guys kind of days and this is just reaffirming that opinion! Ugh.


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