Special K

While experiencing my latest online drama an old friend of mine got in touch again. I have known little K since I was 16 and during highschool he was very much in love with me. I don’t think I ever felt the same for him but I have very fond memories of us together.

Fast forward a couple of years (we are now three years ago), K got in touch via Facebook, we met and had an unforgettable evening. Everything happened that didn’t happen during highschool. Only difference was that now I fell in love with him and he wasn’t with me. We spent a couple of weeks “together” and lost touch again since he moved to Africa for a couple of months and I still hoped for a career here.

Still we kept on mailing every couple of months and I knew what he was up to. Fast forward again to three weeks ago. Kind of out of the blue I get an email that he will be in town and if I wanted to go for a drink. We agreed on a day and decided arrange the place spontaneously. In the end we met at the exact same place as three years ago. Which was funny and but maybe in hindsight also an indicator about what was to happen.

I was really happy to see him and didn’t feel one bit self-conscious despite of how we left off. And I got the same feeling from him. We spent the whole evening watching a soccer game first and then catching up on each other’s life. The atmosphere was light and pleasant between us and it just felt good and right to be with him. And then shortly before going home everything changed with one super charged look from him and I could actually see myself melting.

We kissed right there in the bar and left 5 minutes later. I loved it that on the way home he took my hand and that we kissed right in the middle of the metro. It made me feel like a teenager again. The next morning when he left he wished me a pleasant day and I told him to have a great vacation for which he was leaving three days later. I felt great, had no regrets and no expectations. Always a great combination.

I was pretty sure though that he would get in touch later in November when he would be back from his vacation and before he would start his new job outside of town. Plus I know that doesn’t really like email. All the bigger my astonishment when I saw his email on Monday morning. Which was basically telling me that he had thought about me.

My problem now is that I am already starting to interpret this email and that I was way to pleased to hear from him. This is not healthy at all! Also he was just probably doing the ground work for more hopping into the sack the moment he is back in town. Urgh!!! Why am I so easily excitable over something like an email?

On the other hand it is the first time ever that he referred to time spent together. He had never done anything like it before. Maybe I should just shut up about it and enjoy whatever is happening from the time he is back until he leaves in January? It’s not like I have something better to do. My online dating is getting me nowhere. Or maybe it is getting me nowhere because my heart is otherwise attached. Which cannot be because this thing with little K only started this week and before that nothing had happened either in the online dating field. What’s a girl to do? And the little by the way refers to his being so skinny and quite small. He is actually not my type at all. But maybe that makes him so special?

4 thoughts on “Special K

  1. It’s like a movie plot, you keep meeting through the years off an on. If it was a movie you would eventually be together and live happily ever after. I say enjoy the ride… 😉


      1. Exactly! lol
        It’s the hardest thing in the world to turn our brains off but if we can and just learn to go with it a bit, I think we will all be happier…at least have more fun. 😉


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