Spring is here – I am ready for love!

I noticed that I haven’t written in a long time and you might be wondering what I have been up to. To make it short, not much.

Let’s get it out of the way and start with Special K. I have not heard from him since I came back from the Alps. His answer to my text was all I got from him and since almost 8 weeks nothing else. So when I went running last weekend I have been thinking about this “relationship” we have. I am officially tired about it. There is this quote from Stephen Chbosky’s “The perks of being a wallflower” which says that we accept the love we think we deserve. I deserve more, way more. Because what I am getting with him is nothing. And I know he never promised me anything, but getting nothing is less than I expected.

1271And here we come full circle to the problem of expectations again. I knew there was nothing to gain by seeing him except having a good time while it lasted. And still I was kind of expecting to hear from him As I wrote myself I though he would get in touch in March. Which we have now. By now I am feeling quite disappointed, about him , about myself. Always, always expecting something, hoping for something that will never come to pass. I have to let go, this will not lead to anything. I will just keep on hoping and wasting my time.


While waiting for Special K to get in touch, I went online to see what guys are out there. Is it me or are they just awful? Are my expectations too high? Why? Because I want to meet someone whom I like to look at? Because to my eyes he has to be handsome and to my brain he has to be a clever funny sea-god? Does a person like this even exist? Sure they do. Just not online.

After the “gap-meeting” I dated I guy who was 3 years my senior and already talked about early retirement. Way to go, yeah. Can’t wait to live with him and hear this everyday! I was glad that he invited me to a Greek restaurant. Choose some appetizer mix which included Skordali√° (garlic puree). Had no problem going home alone!

I arranged some other dates but either the places they suggested or the way they were before on the phone made me cancel all of them. But I don’ feel bored or lonely or anything. There is so much to do and spring is here, I think love is in the air. Maybe I just have to breathe it in!