Surprising news

A surprising turn of events happened. B. sent a text on Saturday with “Happy Easter” greetings. I got it while I was sitting together with a friend, waiting to go out.
Interestingly enough, I would not have answered. Because what is the point. My friend pointed out that he wanted to talk to me because otherwise why would he send a text at 22:15 on a Saturday evening?
With her help I answered the text. I thanked him and asked him where he was.
I think he was surprised, cause he wrote back right away that he was in Slovenia with his parents and brother and asked me where I was. When I told him that I was out, he wished me a nice evening and wrote “Next week?”. I said yes, and asked him to get in touch. He said he would, so I told him that I look forward too. He said, he too. Then I wished him a good night and sweet dreams.
And to this he wrote back that the next time he sees me, he wants to take me in his arms and not talk. In his second text he wrote that talking will be necessary, but only later.
Very interesting development, so told him if he kisses me right away, I will be quiet for a change and listen to him later.
Then he kind of ruined by writing that his desire for me is so great, that he is almost dying. And when I told him that when the time is right, we will have an amazing time again, he seemed aggravated. But what did he expect, that he can just get in touch and I would crawl into bed with him?
Anyway, let’s see how this turns out.

Also V. got in touch again on Saturday afternoon. He sent a mail via FB saying hi. His way of getting in touch again after behaving like a spoiled brat. He still loves me which I find wonderful. It’s so nice to hear even though there is no future for us. He lives in Brazil and I in Austria, He is a bit over 30 and I am a bit over 40. Makes no sense to me, but maybe I should throw reason in the wind…

Will keep you posted!


You wouldn’t believe it, but B. texted back just a couple of hours later that he will be back in Vienna this week and that we could talk on the phone. Maybe this is what I deserved!
It’s what I wanted, no? To hear from him! But the way he wrote back I felt really bad about myself. Why did I even get in touch with him? There is no chance that we are ever going back together and now I can feel his pity which makes it worse. Anyway, maybe he will not call. Cause I will definitely not! I thought about what I would want to say to him, in the end I think I have to apologize for my behavior. Which doesn’t mean that I approve his behavior. It only means that my behavior was awful. I should never have met him while I was still mad at him. Always a bad choice.
Anyway, will let you know how this goes if ever…

In other news V. is not talking to me anymore. We had a little fall out last week when I told him that I am still not in love with him (how can I when I don’t even know him except for talking to him for 45min?). So know he decided to give me all the necessary time I need to get to know him without talking to me. Also fine by me. I am just glad I didn’t allow him to make “us” official on Facebook, otherwise two weeks it would have been over again.

And yesterday I think I did something really bad for my karma. I was supposed to meet a guy whom I got to know via an online dating site. We have been talking a bit on the phone, already had a date set then he never called on this day. The next day he calls and wants to meet me spontaneously. I told him that I couldn’t that I was already meeting a friend. He suggested that I should cancel…which of course I didn’t. Then we decided on yesterday, texted during the day to fix place and time.
And then I was meeting friends of mine for champagne in the late afternoon. We celebrated the birthday of S. I asked them if they were doing something later, but they told me that they were headed home. So I went to my Pilates class and was astonished when later I had a text from my friends asking me where we should meet for more champagne. Apparently they were still out and about. So I cancelled on this guy super short notice, like 10 minutes before our previously arranged time. Of course he was pissed. He was already waiting…
My girls said I was his punishment for something he did. I am not sure about this reversal logic. I still think one gets everything back in life.

Anyway, tonight I am meeting some close friends for sushi. I am really looking forward to it. The food at Teka Sushi is amazing!