Third date and follow up

E. and I had a third date when I came back from my vacation in Greece. The date was fine, we went to a Thai food festival, then an amusement park and later on to a film festival and watched a Rod Stewart concert. I like spending time with him, but when it grew late and he offered to take me home, I declined. I didn’t want to be in the car with him and then having an awkward goodbye situation.
I was not in the mood at all to kiss him. There is just no spark or chemistry between. He is funny and generous, which he also likes to point out. He told me five times on that evening that he is generous, which was true. He paid for everything except one plate of food.
But doesn’t talking about kind of ruining the effect? For me it was at least. It gave me the feeling he is only generous tonight because he wants something. As if he buys himself a kiss.
Anyway, I said goodbye to him at the festival and walked home from there. It was a warm night and it is safe to walk around alone.

Since then we are still in touch, he is calling and sending texts. Texting after midnight the day after our date, which is disrespectful in my book. More texts and question about when we see each other again. So far I have no time, but it might also be that I just don’t want to make time for him.
Will keep you posted!

No third date and other issues

Wow, I really haven’t written in a long time. And you know what? Nothing has happened in between. I am still in touch with E. He asked for a third date, going to a festival here in Vienna. But I had to cancel, going to a wedding the next day and from the wedding directly to the airport leaving for vacation in Greece. So no, I didn’t go and I did not feel sorry to cancel. While on vacation we kept in touch, although after 3 days I did not write back. Maybe I should do this.
Because to my big shame I have to admit that while on vacation I sent a text to B. Thanking him for talking at length about the island Rhodes, Greece and claiming how wonderful it is. And he is right, the island is beautiful, people are generous and extremely friendly. I went with a friend and we had a fabulous time. B. wrote back last night, exactly 2 hours after I was back home. Telling me that he doesn’t live in Vienna anymore and that he will go back to the island in September for 2 weeks. I am glad I already booked Andalusia for this time. So I can’t do anything stupid!
He also wrote that I should think about him while sitting in Lindos in the evening on one of the numerous roof top patios. And stupid me had to write back, telling him that I was already back home. And that there was no time to think about him cause I visited Lindos only during the day. What’s the matter with me? I don’t get myself, but I am working on it.