Fly me to the moon

Dinner with Aussie didn’t make me sleepy. On the contrary, I was wide awake. Sparks were flying and tension was in the air. When we moved away from the restaurant on our search for a bar we met one of the many floating lantern sellers. And guess what? Aussie was a sucker for romantic gestures and bought a lantern. Just don’t forget that nothing has happened yet.

He paid for the lantern and held it for me to light it with his lighter. Yes, Aussie was a smoker. So very wicked in this day and age. Especially since I had quit years ago. But Aussie was by his own word a holiday smoker. Whatever that means. But so far he had only smoked one cigarette, so maybe he really had his habit under control.

Anyway, I lit the lantern and together we let it go, letting it float away into the dark night. We were watching it getting smaller and smaller and suddenly he pulled me close and kissed me on the lips. That was unexpected. He had appeared so nervous all through dinner, sweating hard and using his napkin every five minutes to pat his forehead dry. Who would have guessed that he had it in him to make a move?

And I loved it! I loved it that he didn’t stick his tongue down my throat right away but gave me a cool, dry kiss on my lips. Then he took my hand and didn’t let it go for the rest of the evening.

Let’s go for dinner 

Aussie ordered a large beer for himself and a small one for me. Then he put the glass to his mouth and only set it down once three-quarters of its content had vanished. Great either he tried to catch up or I don’t know what.

Once the glass was back on the table we started talking and after about 10 minutes I got the impression that it was not going so well. My ‘Queen of small talk’ quality had left the premise once it noticed that Aussie was not the talker. Great, so here I was sitting with a guy who appeared to be nice (and I mean that in the best possible way; nice is totally underrated!) but was a man of few words. The fewer the better apparently.

So imagine my astonishment when he asked me if I wanted to go for dinner. I already knew that I would never make it to the second date. After two beers I definitely needed something to eat first. And even though he was not the best conversationalist, a free dinner was a free dinner.

We left the pub and moved in the direction of the beach. I noticed that I really had too much to drink since I wobbled a bit. But Aussie was not fazed and provided a stable support for me by holding my arm. Nothing sexual in there, I assure you.

We reached the beach and he chose a really good-looking place to have dinner. When he asked me if I was hungry, ate everything and if he could order for us, I was more than happy to say yes to all three. Saying “YES” a lot more was something I had leaned on my trip. It really opened new doors for me and lead to some incredible experiences!

Starving by then I loved it that Aussie ordered the seafood platter for two which started with oysters (why ever we would need aphrodisiac I really didn’t get). Also loved it that he didn’t appear to be cheap. He had paid for the beers already and since he had ordered the food I assumed (correctly) that he would pay for dinner.

Over dinner he started to talk a bit and my first impression was confirmed, Aussie was a good guy. There is something inherently sexy about a really nice guy. Maybe it’s because I am already older and had my share of bad boys. I loved that he came across like a real guy.

So dinner was interesting and with two shared pitchers of beers his tongue got looser and I felt he might not be uninterested after all.  Mine got looser too and I asked him about the first 15 minutes and my impression of him. He told me that he was inherently shy and that he felt nervous with me. What better compliment for someone like me to make a younger guy nervous. He really knew what to tell me.

After he paid for dinner we went in search of a bar. It started to become really interesting. There was definitely a bit of tension in the air.

First impressions

I arrived at an English pub and it was good enough for me. why search for an Irish one when I had already walked for more than 30 minutes or so…. When I saw “The Scribbler” (it was probably called something different) I decided to stop there for  a beer and send a text in the hope that my date still gets it. That’s always the problem on vacation that you have to rely on wifi for what’s app. Since I only stayed for a week in Thailand there was no need to buy a Sim card.

Anyway, I sat down and ordered a large beer. I was hot and sweaty and then sent a text on Tinder using the chance while being logged on to peruse his pictures again. Certainly not impressive but I just wanted to have a fun evening and had no ulterior motive. He was fun and quick to answer while messaging and since I am the “Queen of small talk” I thought it would go well. And if not then I still had a second date lined up.

He wrote back that he was running late, they had just arrived back at the hotel. He told me in the beginning that he was traveling with two friends and that they had rented motorbikes. No worries here, I had a book with me and didn’t mind the wait. I was on vacation after all and had already 3 months of these under my belt. So who cares if I had to wait for a bit while drinking a cold beer and reading a good book?

When he, let’s call him Aussie, came in I recognized him right away. Probably because he had told me that he  was wearing a purple shirt. He looked bigger than on his pictures. But in a good way, more trained. But not something I really go for usually. He carried a small man purse as well, something I would usually not tolerate. Actually usually I would run and scream at the same time and just flee the scene. But in this case it was different, he had a sincere smile. I got up and we said hello the European way. Don’t blame me, I am from Europe plus I felt the alcohol. I didn’t have any lunch and had almost finished my large beer.

Also, and this I probably liked best, he didn’t look his age. That might sound mean now but my biggest fear was that he would look way younger than me. He was 11 years my junior. I really cannot imagine anything worse than being seen in public with a guy and I look like his mother. But three months of traveling were doing wonders to my skin and my overall complexion. I looked young and vibrant and next to him possible even a bit younger than him. But only because Aussie looked about my age. Yes, too much sun is really bad for you! Always, always use sunscreen!


I am back home since more than a month and I had the trip of a life time. Dating wise it was a bit meager since most backpackers on the road in SE Asia were at least 20 years younger. Not that I would mind someone younger but I got the feeling that I was just not meant for them. So I traveled for three months without anything happening and this although I was excellently prepared for all eventualities.

For the last part of my trip I had a beach vacation planned and for this I pulled out all stops (compared to the rest of the trip). I flew to a well-known island in Thailand and there rented a bungalow on a beautiful beach. Not right in the middle of the action but a little bit further down. At my age I want to choose when to party and not have it in front of my door all the time.

So the second day I am there I activate Tinder since I will spend a week on this island alone and I already noticed at breakfast that at my hotel I won’t meet anybody. I swipe so often to the right that Tinder tells me I am out of likes for 12 hours. Did that ever happen to you?

I start texting with a couple of guys, not all of them on the same island. So really what’s the point? I just want to meet some people and have a great last week of this totally amazing trip. Two guys want to meet me right away and I agree to meet both of them. The first one around 4:30-5ish and with the other I arrange to text later since he can’t make it before 7. It feels a bit over-motivated to meet two on the same evening but from experience I know that 90% of the people on Tinder are super douche, so it’s best to keep all my options open. And with no expectations I walk into town to look for the Irish pub because every place has at least one of them and it’s as good a meeting place as any.