The best of times

After having finally another undisturbed night (amazing how soon one can forget that) I was ready the next morning to pick my Aussie from the airport. He really was coming back for me (or as one of my friends later said who wouldn’t come to good sex and no strings attached) and planned on staying with me all the way to end of my or respectively his trip.

I had arranged for a cab to take me to the airport and since Koh Samui is such a small place we were in and out in under 5 minutes. Aussie was already waiting for me and while I still looked up on the screen he came over and whispered in my ear if the plane had already arrived. I never even recognized him with his cowboy hat on. He looked amazingly like a douche. Never mind, once in the thralls of love you don’t question your chosen one anymore.

We made it back to the bungalow without embarrassing ourselves in the car (the Thai might be used to tourists but still expect you to behave) but then went right back to bed. House cleaning knocked about three times on the door until we eventually left the bungalow for the beach. The rest of the day was spent with sleeping on the beach by Aussie and reading by me.

Before heading out for dinner we tested the new bed sheets and then I had a lovely meal not far from the hotel. Aussie meanwhile went to a pharmacy. He seemed to have caught a stomach bug and felt queasy. So not romantic at all this time since I had to eat alone. That didn’t diminish my appetite though. After traveling for three months I was used to eating alone and had paid my dues in stomach problems. The cure to all that is alcohol.

So before heading home we stopped at a bar near our place which we had already frequented on our second night together. There we were greeted like long-lost friends and the girls behind the bar looked happy for me when I showed up with Aussie again (the evening before I came alone). Gin Tonic always works like a charm and when we cam back to the bungalow Aussie was up for another tumble between the sheets.

He fell asleep like a stone right after, but I lay awake as usual. But I was happy, so happy to be next to my hunky Aussie. He was holding me tight and if I moved around he would just follow me. So lovely!


Who would have thought?

Leaving my mobile in the bungalow while going to the beach was the best idea ever. It gave me time to relax and catch up on some much-needed sleep after two almost sleepless nights. When I arrived back in my room in the early evening I had two messages. The first one said that Aussie had safely arrived in Bangkok and was waiting for his connection and the second one was from 10 minutes earlier in which he told me that “he had made a mistake and that he should have stayed with me”.

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. And now, here we go with my usual pattern of not playing by the rules. Because I had nothing better to do than to answer right away, telling him that I would have liked to get to know him better. Which was a kind of an okay answer, but still. I should have just gone for dinner and a massage and should have kept him waiting. But no, Miss ÜberNice has to answer right away. I really don’t get myself. Aussie left me hanging here and still I answer him. And I do it right away!!! Just because he texted something that I wanted to hear. Urgh!!!

And then he said that if I was still up for it he would stay in Chiang Mai for just a day and then come back to Koh Samui. At least here I had the dignity to tell him (although again right away) that I was still up for it but I heard it all before and that he should get the ticket first and then let me know. Yeah, finally a decent answer to his lousy behavior.

The evening was then spent with a couple of more texts and pictures and me telling him at 9:30 that I was going to bed since I had not slept enough with him around. When I woke around midnight I was in pain.

Since I knew the signs I figured I had a UTI. Great, exactly what I needed when I was all alone in a strange country. At least I knew what to do. After another 30 minutes of hoping that my cranberry pills would help I eventually settled on a text to Aussie (no point of not sharing since it was his fault anyway; ok maybe mine too since we were both participating) and on leaving the bungalow. The pain had increased exponentially and the point of self-medication had passed. It was time to look for professional help.

Under the circumstances I was really lucky because after not even 10 minutes of walking on the road I found a taxi at 1:30 in the morning. I asked for either a pharmacy or a hospital but after two closed pharmacies I decided I had no more time to waste.

The hospital visit then was compared to getting there uneventful and except for the embarrassing moment when the doctor asked about how I had gotten the UTI it was pretty straight forward. Not even 30 minutes later did I leave the hospital with antibiotics in hands and in tow of the taxi driver. Soon I was back at the bungalow where I had to wait another half an hour until I could finally go back to bed without too much pain.

The next day then was spent mostly in bed and on the beach. There was really no reason to go anywhere, I just needed to catch up on sleep. So when I got a text in the late afternoon that Aussie had booked his ticket I was elated but still weak. Never mind, he was taking the morning flight to come back to me.

What a difference a day makes

After coming back to my bungalow with his freshly laundered shirts Aussie put his passport in my safe and basically settled in at my place. We showered, left for dinner at the local market hall (I really wanted to have some Thai food and not a westernized version of it) and later went for drinks on the way back to the bungalow.

But in all honesty we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and just wanted to get back to my place. The moment we stepped across the door we fell on the bed and after another passionate encounter we jumped into the pool again. This time I forewent the bikini right away, no point in playing the blushing bride when I had given everything away already.

It didn’t change the fact though that Aussie was terrible pleased to see me and called me gorgeous the whole time. I am a sucker for compliments and the older I get the more I love them. When I was younger I was always embarrassed when someone paid me a compliment. Now I love them since at any given moment I am my youngest self. I can’t get much better than now.

I had another sleepless night and not only because of Aussie’s wanted attention. I still couldn’t sleep next to someone I didn’t really know and for whom I had extreme cravings. Whenever I touched him my body started to heat up and radiated fire. I tossed and turned in between waking him to stop snoring. Besides the erotic administrations to my body I didn’t sleep well.

We woke up early and Aussie left to drive to his hotel to say goodbye to his mates and get his stuff. In my super happy mood due to lack of sleep and the love vibe I updated my blog and was totally astonished when not even 30 minutes later Aussie was back. He knocked and then entered the bungalow with the words: “I have bad news for you”. I remember thinking why only me? Because right away I knew what he meant.

And excuse me? WTF? Didn’t he tell me yesterday that he was totally into me and rather wanted to stay with me than travel with his friends? I had told him that my girls wouldn’t let that happen because when you book a trip together you stay together and no cares if the ONS was so good that you want second helpings. But Aussie said no worries, his mates are different.

Turns out they were not so different after all and Aussie now really wanted to go to Chiang Mai because he had never been there and it might be his only chance and blah blah blah. I have to tell you, afterwards I was super proud of myself because I told him I understand if I was him I would go to. That Chiang Mai was beautiful and that an elephant ride was amazing. While the whole time I thought to myself wtf, wtf, wtf!! Really, not cool.

Anyway, he also said that he would come to Bangkok a day earlier so that we would see each other again.  I had planned my trip so that I was leaving Koh Samui with a spare day in Bangkok since I had an early flight back home. When he talked about Bangkok I almost got pissed because that just sounded like plain lies and who wants to hear that when you are just unceremoniously dumped.

He left with his freshly laundered clothes still packed and his passport and off he was. and what did I do? I moped around the whole morning, went for breakfast to get coffee because when I am “love-sick” I can’t eat anything and told myself to get a grip! It was not possible to travel for three months alone in SE Asia and then to fall for one douche and ruin my last week of vacation over it. It had been the oldest trick in the book to tell nice little nothings and get the girl to believe. And after such a long and dry sexual spell his words fell on fertile ground and I was caught hook, line and sinker.

And I wanted to be caught. Because wasn’t that what I was looking for in the first place? Let’s be honest here, who goes on Tinder to find friends? Maybe you accept them as friends when the attraction isn’t there. But in the first place you look for someone special. And there is no need to define special, you never know what you get and what will happen. What I know is that it is rare at my age to meet someone and to have instant attraction, that’s something that almost never happens anymore. It does but they are few and with long breaks in between.

So after wasting the whole morning I gave myself a stern talking that this was it with the moping. I have had it with this instant dependency on some random guy to make me feel better about myself. I am good looking and my age be damned I can still have my fun. So I sent him a text around noon, telling him “Enjoy the North, you’ll love it! xoxo”. And with that I left my phone in the room and went to the beach.