Always the wrong ones call

How come always the guys who aren’t interesting at all stay in touch? Twice actually. The boring date from 2 weeks ago sent me a text wishing me a nice vacation. I didn’t bother to answer (I know, I know quite heartless). Then another text 3 days ago asking me if I was already back. How come R. stays in touch?
I really felt he realized as well that there was no connection. Weird…or maybe it is just me?

Also while on away I got an email from J., another from the dating website. I had given him my personal email which I use for dating. He asked me on Tuesday if he could invite me for dinner (at a super fancy restaurant) on Thursday to get to know me and seduce me??? WTF?? I wrote back that we had already agreed on a date this Thursday since I was not in town last week. I also ignored the seducing part. Honestly if he wants to buy me dinner at this place, go ahead. I will definitely go home alone. Who does he think he is besides a presumptuous idiot?

Anyway am going out on Thursday again and will let you know how it went.

Another round of blind dates

Not a lot happened in the last couple of weeks dating wise. Actually nothing happened. I concentrated at getting on better shape to fit in my jeans again come fall and that’s about it. No guys at all in my life.

About two to three weeks ago I got an offer for an online dating service for three day trial period. This weekI took them up on it. I signed up (just for the free part), filled out my profile, did the test and waited for the matching to begin.

Yesterday the trial period ended and I am glad it did because I felt like in the supermarket. You wink a someone, get an email, write back and get rejected. All in the space of 60 minutes. This is definitely not the bazaar for the lonely hearts to pick up some self-esteem on the way.

But, isn’t there always a but, I have a date this afternoon. Matching points of 126, his is tall, still has a set of hairs and a teenage daughter. So instant family is included. Not sure I would want it, but the option would be available. Anyway, we are starting with ice-cream today. Always puts me in a good mood.

New beginning

Last week I made a decisive step. I deleted all online dating profiles that I had. And there were many. I think I registered with three. With one of them I had been already since 2007. And never in between have I deleted my profile, but only deactivated it so that I could always come back when I wanted to.

Last week I decided that I had enough. I never met anyone really, really special online. Some nice guys, yes, but more douches. And I don’t want to waste my time anymore meeting uninteresting people. I have so many nice friends, I rather spend time with them.

So it was a big step for me to delete it all and I feel so much better for it! Since coming back from Brazil in March I am saving money for my trip. I want to take a year off and just travel the world or at least parts of it. And I also adjusted my life to make these necessary savings. I noticed that I don’t care so much about guys anymore and meeting men is not a priority. To be honest it wouldn’t work with my plan to meet someone now. I want to leave and not be attached to someone.

But it’s kind of interesting what is happening once you are not looking anymore. Last week I met my ex-boyfriend G. whom I dated to years ago. I didn’t go and say hello, the break-up was not so nice. Although to be honest it was me who didn’t want anymore, it was him who cut me of on Facebook. I felt back like in kindergarten. Anyway, I passed him and we had like eye contact for a second. The next day I had an e-mail in my inbox, if it was me who last night. Very funny, of course I never mailed back. Been there, done that. No reason for revisiting!

Yesterday I went swimming with friends and H. joined us. I know him since more 20 years, have always wanted him in a way, but also thought that this friendship is worth a lot more than risking it something casual. I don’t think it would have ever worked. Anyway, he called kind of out of the blue and asked what I was doing. He spent the day with us and it was really relaxing. I like how everything is just happening. No hassle, no drama, just a good vibe.

Date night

Tonight I am going on a date again. I haven’t been for a very long time and I am quite excited about it. Maybe more about the date itself than the guy I am going to date.

I met E. at an online platform and we have only exchanged a couple of emails and texts so far. I have not heard his voice, so I don’t know if he is cultured, educated or what not. Kind of exciting to have a real blind date for a change. On the other hand most often this just reeks of dating disaster. But let’s stay positive and hope for the best. The meeting place he suggested sounds already good, it’s a place where I go with my friends as well. Already a good sign.

Anyway, I will let you know more about how it went tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


You wouldn’t believe it, but B. texted back just a couple of hours later that he will be back in Vienna this week and that we could talk on the phone. Maybe this is what I deserved!
It’s what I wanted, no? To hear from him! But the way he wrote back I felt really bad about myself. Why did I even get in touch with him? There is no chance that we are ever going back together and now I can feel his pity which makes it worse. Anyway, maybe he will not call. Cause I will definitely not! I thought about what I would want to say to him, in the end I think I have to apologize for my behavior. Which doesn’t mean that I approve his behavior. It only means that my behavior was awful. I should never have met him while I was still mad at him. Always a bad choice.
Anyway, will let you know how this goes if ever…

In other news V. is not talking to me anymore. We had a little fall out last week when I told him that I am still not in love with him (how can I when I don’t even know him except for talking to him for 45min?). So know he decided to give me all the necessary time I need to get to know him without talking to me. Also fine by me. I am just glad I didn’t allow him to make “us” official on Facebook, otherwise two weeks it would have been over again.

And yesterday I think I did something really bad for my karma. I was supposed to meet a guy whom I got to know via an online dating site. We have been talking a bit on the phone, already had a date set then he never called on this day. The next day he calls and wants to meet me spontaneously. I told him that I couldn’t that I was already meeting a friend. He suggested that I should cancel…which of course I didn’t. Then we decided on yesterday, texted during the day to fix place and time.
And then I was meeting friends of mine for champagne in the late afternoon. We celebrated the birthday of S. I asked them if they were doing something later, but they told me that they were headed home. So I went to my Pilates class and was astonished when later I had a text from my friends asking me where we should meet for more champagne. Apparently they were still out and about. So I cancelled on this guy super short notice, like 10 minutes before our previously arranged time. Of course he was pissed. He was already waiting…
My girls said I was his punishment for something he did. I am not sure about this reversal logic. I still think one gets everything back in life.

Anyway, tonight I am meeting some close friends for sushi. I am really looking forward to it. The food at Teka Sushi is amazing!